JIMIHOME Household Tool Essential Safety Scissors and Utility Knife Set

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Sharp and Sturdy: JIMIHOME utility knife with 18mm SK2 Razor sharp black blade easily slicing through paper, cardboard or cut through boxes. Precisely ground scissors blades with serration prevent slipping and guarantee a precise and crisp clean cut.
Safety Matters: The Orange Safety Latch can prevent unwanted protrusion of the knife blade in your pocket or tool bag. Blunt tip and the protective sheath keeps the scissors blades safe and protected when not in use. Extra protection for family with kids or hand-searching in the tool drawer.
Stay home or Carry-On: The compact size and protective sheath make the scissors handy to carry and store. The utility knife is slim, lightweight and fits nicely in your pocket.
Stay Sharp: Snap of the dull tip section of the knife blade with the end cap and a fresh blade section is exposed. The blades of the scissors can be separated for easy cleaning and maintenance. Sharp, hardened stainless steel blades with hard-chrome plating that resist rusting and corrosion. Easy-clean stainless-steel blades that resist adhesive build-up. No more sticky build-up on blades.
JIMIHOME safety scissors and utility knife set is great for everyday, light duty cutting needs around the home and office.

WARNING: Keep out of reach of children