JIMIHOME POP to GO Compact Tool Kit Set 23-Pieces

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* For carrying out all minor repairs at home or on electronic devices, JIMIHOME POP to GO Compact Tool Kit Set 23-Pieces is a great set for either the DIY-er who wants quality tools in an organized portable box, or for the professional who wants a tool set can be easily taken along to jobs at other sites. 
* This sets are kept in JIMIHOME POP to GO press-and-pop storage case. This keeps them secure and clean and means that they are clearly arranged for easy tool selection. Each part has a snug-fitting storage slot in the carrying case making portability and accessibility a cinch. 
* Magnetic quick-release chuck bit driver with ergonomic handle allows rapid bit change. Pocket sized tool has a slim line design ideal for working in confined spaces. The rubber grip provides comfort and support for the hand works, enabling quick and easy precision work.
* Each bit is molded into the plastic storage slot with magnetic secured base and it easy to identify bit you need. JIMIHOME POP to GO aluminum alloy housing storage case is anti-corrosion and can be quickly open, close and secure by just one press.
* Premium quality materials and optimized bit design for optimum strength and extreme durability. Laser-etched markings for size readability and wear resistance. Compact and lightweight design features built-in magnetizer/demagnetizer.


21 PC. 1/4 in. (6.35 mm) SCREWDRIVER BIT SET