JIMIHOME SNAP to GO 3.6-Volt Cordless Powered Screwdriver Set 38-Piece

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The JIMIHOME 3.6-Volt Cordless Powered Screwdriver: this powerful, pocket-sized rechargeable screwdriver is ideal for everyday home projects, DIY, hobby and electronics. Compact size makes this screwdriver perfect for tight spaces and tricky spots where the narrow tip and LED light give you easy access and clear visibility. Featuring a built-in rechargeable battery and self-stand charging base. 
Portable, lightweight design with soft grip:  A rubber grip provides comfort and control. Fitted with LED light: LED provides illumination in confined areas. Unique and innovative JIMIHOME Snap to GO design storage case can be quickly open, close and secure via magnetic frame for easy transportation and storage.
Three Modes Drive your screws in either reverse, forward mode or use manually: simple push button control for forward & reverse. Motion activation variable speed and reversing control for precise fastening control. Perfect for assembly projects. Can be locked for manual use.
Quick release magnetic chuck: allows for quick screwdriver bit change. 5 torque setting provides precision for a variety of screw sizes and materials. Twist your torque selector to control the power and drive small to large screws. Smart stop technology prevents screw head damage.
For versatile use in: household maintenance and installation as window and door installation. Household appliances and white goods equipment maintenance and repair such as: heating, air conditioning, plumbing, bicycle, motorcycle and lawnmower. 


30 PC. 1/4 in. (6.35 mm) SCREWDRIVER BIT SET