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【 Versatility Power Precision Screwdriver Set 】The JIMIHOME Snap to Go Electric Power Precision Screwdriver Set with Tweezers kit is composed of a total 30 pieces of  4 mm S2 precision bits, providing a fundamental collection of bits that are required for electronic repairs.The ABS handle is designed with casted flutes for improved grip and is ergonomically shaped to prevent slipping.The magnetic quick-release chuck bit driver facilitates rapid bit change. 360° shadowless built-in LED Light illuminates the work area. 260 mAh lithium battery with a charge time of 40 minutes and 1.5 hours of continuous use. The type-C standing charging base ensures that the tool is always fully charged when needed and helps keep the work area organized and tidy.
【3 Adjustable Speed/Torque & Dual Modes 】The JIMIHOME electric cordless precision screwdrivers have an adjustable rotate speed of 195-225 r/min which provides powerful performance and high work efficiency. The high and low electric torque of 0.15-0.35N.m, plus a manual torque of 2 N.m to meet different needs. Forward and reverse dual modes buttons for quick tighten or loosen different types of screws and optimal for repairing precision devices.
【Durability & Reliability S2 Bits】JIMIHOME's 4mm bits are composed of high-performance and durable S2 steel with a 60HRC hardness, ensuring exceptional torque and hardness. The precision CNC machined tips offer a consistent geometric symmetry, resulting in precise fitting and torque without the risk of slippage. Each bit is conveniently marked with a laser to enable quick identification of its size. Additionally, the magnetic bit tips can catch tiny screws in case of accidental dropping or losing, preventing damage or loss.  Features 10 tip styles of Flat, Frearson, Hex, Pentalobe, Phillips, Security Torx, Spanner, Torx, Tri-Angle, and Tri-Wing, which are suitable for repairing various electronic devices such as Nintendo Switch, Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphones, Watches, Glasses, Camera, and others.
【Slim Size for Tight Spaces】The Snap to GO 34-piece electric screwdriver set features a slim handle and a pair of flat tweezers that can be held comfortably within the palm of your hand. This compact design allows for efficient troubleshooting and time-saving in confined workspaces. The slim and extra-long 4mm precision bits, with a length of 45mm, are ideal for accessing narrow, deep holes and other hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, the precision flat tweezers are suitable for repairing small accessories and removing electronic components from confined spaces, without causing any damage to the device during disassembly.
【Portable & Sturdy Case】Kept in JIMIHOME Snap to GO magnetic secure sturdy ABS plastic storage case, each part has a snug-fitting storage slot in the carrying case making portability and accessibility a cinch. Improve your work efficiency with our press & pop bit rack design for easy and fast bit identification. Compact and lightweight design for easy transportation and storage. Easy fit into your pocket or tool bag.