JIMIHOME Stackable Tool Kit X Tray Set-G

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【Wide Application Magic Universal Hand Saw Kit 】JIMIHOME 15-in-1 Magic Universal Hand Saw Kit of Multi Blades Set is a versatile set that includes 6 pcs of black scroll saw blades for wood (15T), PVC (18T) and soft metal (24T) cutting and diamond blades for glass and ceramics cutting. Good choice for DIY crafts, hobbies, and so much more.
【Ergonomic and Safe Saw Design 】The JIMIHOME bow saw is equipped with a comfortable, ergonomically designed grip and a non-slip ABS handle that facilitates easy operation and efficient completion of cutting tasks. Its D-handle design ensures that your hand is protected and does not accidentally slide onto the blade during use. The handle features a tension adjustment knob for adjusting the stress on the blade for different cuts as well as for safety and removal when traveling or storing. Convenient blade switching mechanism that enables easy transition from a carpenter's saw to a coping saw.
【Quality Blades and Accessories 】The JIMIHOME X Tray Set G Hand Saw Set contained 6 pcs scroll saw blade, 1 pcs wood pruning blade, 2 pcs diamond coated saw blades, 2 pcs diamond coated files, a brush and a pair of JIMIHOME scissors to meet your different needs and replacement.
【Well Organized Storage Box】This JIMIHOME Magic Universal Hand Saw Kit tray with various types of blades is well organized and has dedicated molding to put each tool back in neatly. Gravity keeps all the tools in place since everything lays flat in its spot. Top lid cover with folding grab handle (15 kg max weight capacity) for easy transport lifting & carrying.
【Expand Your JIMIHOME X Tray Collection】9 different assorted stackable trays (ABCDEFGHIJ) designed to handle different scenarios for everyday projects around the house or basic home repairs. You can always expand your set by buying other JIMIHOME X Trays. Modular trays design allowed various combinations to be assembled based on which tool sets might be needed. Easily configured versatile storage for hand tools, portable power tools & assorted components, JIMIHOME Stackable Tool Kits X Tray Set provide easy, professional storage organization and access to your small parts and accessories.