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【 Versatility Cordless Power Screwdriver Socket Set 】The JIMIHOME 3.6V Electric Screwdriver Set X Tray is composed of a total 39 pieces of ¼” S2 bits, 13 pcs of ¼” hex sockets, providing a fundamental collection of bits and sockets that are required for household or machinery maintenance and repairs. The ABS handle is designed with casted flutes for improved grip and is ergonomically shaped to prevent slipping. The magnetic quick-release chuck bit driver facilitates rapid bit change. 360° shadowless built-in LED Light illuminates the work area. The 2000 mAh lithium battery has the capacity to drive approximately 200 tapping screws once fully charged, which is sufficient to handle most daily work. A Type-C charge cable is included.
【5 Adjustable Torque & Dual Modes 】The JIMIHOME power cordless screwdrivers with rotate speed of 220 r/min provides powerful performance and high work efficiency. The max electric torque is 4N.m, plus a manual torque of 2 N.m to meet different needs. Forward and reverse dual modes buttons for quick tighten or loosen different types of screws and optimal for repairing devices. With Flexible drill bit extension rod, the power screwdriver can reach extremely narrow or tough-to-reach spaces where the work cannot be completed by the electric screw driver alone.
【Durability & Reliability ¼” Bit Set】JIMIHOME's ¼” bits are composed of high-performance and durable S2 steel with a 60HRC hardness, ensuring exceptional torque and hardness. The precision CNC machined tips offer a consistent geometric symmetry, resulting in precise fitting and torque without the risk of slippage. Each bit is conveniently marked with a laser to enable quick identification of its size. Additionally, the magnetic bit tips can catch screws in case of accidental dropping or losing, preventing damage or loss.  Features 10 tip styles of Flat, Frearson, Hex, Pozidriv, Security Torx,  Spanner, Square, Torx, Tri-Angle and Tri-Wing suitable for some small appliances and light-duty work, like furniture/moto bicycle repair, electrical maintenance, crafts DIY, computer assembly, switch installation, etc.
【Quick-release Ratchet & 1/4" Socket Set】The multifunction X Tray Set-I features sockets and ratchet which are metric in size that cover 5~13 mm.  All sockets are molded into the storage slot and easy to identify. Premium quality materials and optimized socket design for optimum strength and extreme durability. These durable sockets are forged from chrome alloy steel designed to stand up to the rigors of frequent use and are coated with a protective finish that wipes clean easily and inhibits corrosion. Laser-etched markings for size and type readability and wear resistance. 72-Tooth mini size ratchet needs only a 5° arc swing to turn fasteners. Our ratchet equipped with quick-release switch and reversible lever for rapid twisting.
【Well Organized Storage Box】This JIMIHOME Cordless Screwdriver and Socket Set tray with various types of screwdriver bits, drill bits, sockets and extension flexible shaft is well organized and has dedicated molding to put each tool back in neatly. Gravity keeps all the tools in place since everything lays flat in its spot. Top lid cover with folding grab handle (15 kg max weight capacity) for easy transport lifting & carrying. Perfect for installing cabinets, chairs, furniture, fixed doors or screen window, and driving or removing other fasteners.
【Expand Your JIMIHOME X Tray Collection】9 different assorted stackable trays (ABCDEFGHIJ) designed to handle different scenarios for everyday projects around the house or basic home repairs. You can always expand your set by buying other JIMIHOME X Trays. Modular trays design allowed various combinations to be assembled based on which tool sets might be needed. Easily configured versatile storage for hand tools, portable power tools & assorted components, JIMIHOME Stackable Tool Kits X Tray Set provide easy, professional storage organization and access to your small parts and accessories.