JIMIHOME Stackable Tool Kit X Tray Set-ABCD

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【Power Tools Combo Kit With 12V Cordless Drill】JIMIHOME 97 pcs Tool Kit Box Set of ABCD features a 12V power drill driver with 17+1 speed adjustable that can drill into wood, metal or plastic for a variety of home projects. Max torque 20N·m for high (0-1500 r/min) or low (0-400 r/min) drilling/driving speeds. Keyless chuck offers automatic spindle lock for one-handed changing with excellent accessory compatibilities of drill/screwdriver bits of a diameter from 0.8~10 mm. Forward/reverse switch allows you to quickly tighten or change/remove bits as needed. Drills, bits and socket collection of 28 pcs included.
【EFFICIENT Power Solution】Instant start 12V cordless drill with build-in 2000 mAh rechargeable batteries had enough power for a full range of applications. Standing base charge or rear plug-in charge for direct use. Weight only 2 lbs. allows one-hand operation, prevent fatigue and safe for all family members to use. Compact design allows efficient working in confined workspaces. Notice: This is a carbon brushes drill. It is normal that the brushes produce sparks from the electromagnetic charge which are clearly visible inside the drill.
Portable Multi-functional Tool Kit】Packed with all the essential tools to measure, cut and build JIMIHOME Stackable Tool Kits X Tray Set offer a variety of hand tool and power tool combinations to fit any home project: 12 ft tape measure, utility knife, adjustable wrench, claw hammer, hex key set, lineman/long nose plier, phillip and slotted screwdriver set (3mm, 5mm), screwdriver handles and 1/4 in bit set of 20 pcs. With this tool set you can complete a wide range of projects and perform applications in a variety of different materials at home. Features all the standard tools you need for household projects; this is also a great set the DIY-er who wants quality tools in an organized portable box. Handheld devices outfitted with coated handle finish for slip resistance. Tools are coated with a protective finish that wipes clean easily and inhibits corrosion.
【Modular System and Well Organized Storage】This JIMIHOME X Tray ABCD Power Hand Tool Kit Combo Box Set is well organized and have dedicated molding to put each tool back in neatly. Gravity keeps all the tools in place since everything lays flat in its spot. Top lid cover with folding grab handle (15 kg max weight capacity) for easy transport lifting & carrying. Modular trays design allowed various combinations to be assembled based on which tool sets might be needed. Just slide the top tray or top cover lid into the grooves of another tray then press down to lock up the whole set and you are good to go with JIMIHOME tool kit set.
【Expand Your JIMIHOME X Tray Collection】9 different assorted stackable trays (ABCDEFGHIJ) designed to handle different scenarios for everyday projects around the house or basic home repairs. You can always expand your ABCD set by buying other JIMIHOME X Trays. Modular trays design allowed various combinations to be assembled based on which tool sets might be needed. Easily configured versatile storage for hand tools, portable power tools & assorted components, JIMIHOME Stackable Tool Kits X Tray Set provide easy, professional storage organization and access to your small parts and accessories.