JIMIHOME Stackable Tool Kit X Tray Set-ABCD

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* Easily configured versatile storage for hand tools, portable power tools & assorted components, JIMIHOME Stackable Tool Kit X Tray Set provide easy, professional storage organization and access to your small parts and accessories. Each device has a snug-fitting storage slot in the tray for quick and convenient access. Top grab handle (15 kg max weight capacity) for easy transport lifting & carrying. 
* Packed with all the essential tools to measure, cut and build, JIMIHOME Stackable Tool Kit X Tray Set offer a variety of tool combinations to fit any home project. With this tool set you can complete a wide range of projects and perform applications in a variety of different materials at home. The storage tray D allows you to conveniently sort and store your other JIMIHOME tools and accessories. 
* Features all the standard tools you need for household projects; this is also a great set the DIY-er who wants quality tools in an organized portable box. Handheld devices outfitted with coated handle finish for slip resistance. Tools are coated with a protective finish that wipes clean easily and inhibits corrosion.
* Tray A: 12 ft tape measure, hex key set, lineman plier, claw hammer, screwdriver handles and 20 PC. 1/4 in. (6.35 mm) bit set. Tray B: Phillip and slotted screwdriver set (3mm, 5mm), utility knife, adjustable wrench and long nose plier.
* Tray C: 12-volt cordless drill, charger, power adapter, bit and drill set box and 16 PC. 1/4 in. (6.35 mm) bit set. Tray D: tray divider long x2 and tray divider short x4